Gallery: All Aboard the NYC Bûche de Noël Train

  • Cake Train

    Sixteen buches de noel. One man's dream.

    Train Engine

    All Aboard!

    All Aboard!

    Rounding The Bend

    Watch That Curve

    "I don't trust the person who laid tracks this way," Kenji said. Humbug.

    Watch For Ornaments

    They have a tendency to roll across the tracks. Christmas ornaments: Santa's tumbleweeds.

    Chocolate Hill

    Dominique's New Years ball became our chocolate mountain.

    Watch For Manatees

    Some manatees wandered onto our set.

    Photo Op

    The manatees take in the scenery and have a Kodak moment.

    The Mini Cars

    Rounding Chocolate Peak

    The Lumber Cars

    Bambi's Along For The Ride


    Oh Hi Paul

    Intern Paul surveys the track.