Brunch Drinks: Two Fun Bellini Variations


There's nothing wrong with classic brunch drinks, and we wouldn't turn down a Bellini made with puréed white peaches and prosecco.

But the fruit + sparkling wine formula lends itself beautifully to all sorts of breakfast-friendly cocktails, and you might as well get creative. If you're hosting a big brunch, you may even want to set up a Bellini bar with a few different options for personalized drinks. Here are two unusual Bellini variations that we enjoyed recently.

Lemon Bellini

This drink is sophisticated and tart, with an extra kick from half an ounce of citrus vodka. The secret: a scoop of lemon sorbet (we used Ciao Bella's version.) We garnished it with a lemon wheel, but it would be pretty with a few raspberries dropped in, or some thinly sliced kumquats.

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Apricot Bellini

This one's a little richer, a little boozier, and a little more fun than your standard brunch drink, thanks to apricot nectar and a dose of cognac and apricot brandy. It would be delicious with a tall stack of pancakes (preferably with a little cornmeal thrown in the batter) and lots of bacon. Just make sure you have time to take a nap after brunch.

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