Brunch Drinks: Apricot Rum Fizz


One of my favorite neighborhood brunch joints here in Portland, Oregon is Toast. It's a cozy, boozy place—they give you the option of ordering your mimosa by the pint(!)—and they have a great breakfast cocktail menu.

This drink is a slightly modified version of Toast's Apricot Fizz. Not that their drinks aren't brilliant, mind, it's just that I personally don't care for spiced rum (I think the "spice" is added by distillers in attempt to mask the lower quality of the rum), and I prefer the sharp sass of ginger beer over ginger ale's plebeian sweetness.

Such a simple drink, too: just a hearty glug of rum over ice, a splash of apricot nectar and a spritz of fresh-squeezed lime juice, topped off with ginger beer. Stir, sip and enjoy with the hanger-steak-and-eggs (or the curried tofu scramble.)

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