Bobby Flay Challenges The Pioneer Woman to a Thanksgiving Throwdown


Oh, boy. Will Bobby Flay step in it? The celebrity chef and star of Throwdown! With Bobby Flay challenged home-cook and blogging extraordinaire Ree "Pioneer Woman" Drummond to a special Thanksgiving tête-à-tête. Drummond will have home-field advantage, as Flay traveled to her Oklahoma ranch to face off against her. The episode will air on the Food Network next Wednesday, November 17, 2010, at 9 p.m. ET.

We chatted with Ree about the whole Throwdown experience. She said it was great fun and even froze all of Flay's leftovers, which she might serve at her own Thanksgiving dinner! Just kidding—she says.

The Food Network

Also from Ree:

I certainly can't tell you the outcome. I can tell you, however, that at one point during the meal, I had a complete meltdown on one (highly important) element. I can also tell you that our Lodge, where the Throwdown happened, was 450°F inside. This might be OK for someone who doesn't already have a nervous perspiration problem, but for me it was an epic wrinkle. Imagine Albert Brooks in Broadcast News, during his flop sweat attack when he got his shot at anchoring the news. That was me, except the "newsroom" was 450°F. The good news is, I lost forty pounds that day! I'm crossing my fingers the cameras had a special sweat filter...


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