The 15 Best Salad Recipes That Will Blow You Away

These salads are bursting with so much flavor that you'll crave more with each bite.

A composed caesar salad in a ceramic bowl on a white stone background.

Serious Eats / Diana Chistruga

While there's something about the idea of salad for dinner that seems particularly groan-worthy, that's only because all too often our idea of a salad doesn't match up with what salad, as a category of food, actually has to offer. The 15 options below not only represent some of the best salad recipes Serious Eats has developed, they also pull from a range of countries, cultures, and cooking techniques. In addition to the dressing-on-greens rendition we're all familiar with you'll find crunchy shaved winter vegetables, flaked fish, crispy fried eggs, plump beans, beautifully dressed noodles, rich mayo-bound sandwich fillings, and all kinds of herbs. Forget salads you need; these are salads you want.