What's Your Favorite International Soda?


Every time I see Fanta at a grocery store or bodega, I get immediately, irrationally excited... and then my hopes are dashed. Why? Because my favorite Fanta flavor—diet lemon, Limon Zero, whatever you want to call it—is rarely, if ever sold in the States. It's such a basic flavor that I always hold out hope I'm going to find it (wouldn't it look so natural next to the orange?), but am nearly always disappointed. In Spain, I'd effectively replaced my Coke Zero habit with a Limon Zero one; but back in the US it was nowhere to be found.

It's hardly the only awesome international soda. Italy's got more than its fair share; while you can find San Pellegrino's Aranciata and Limonata most places in the US, I also love the sweeter (but still tart), slightly more sodalike Lemonsoda. (I once drank an entire two-liter of the diet version on a bus trip in Italy.) I was crazy about Guaraná soda in Brazil, and the distinctive flavor of Coke Zero in Europe (it's better, I swear).

Part of the fun of traveling internationally is the food and drink you end up trying—but part of the heartbreak is when you can't find them back home. What international sodas do you wish were sold here? And what do you love about them?