San Francisco: 15 Cupcakes We Love

Lauren Sloss

I have a confession to make. I never really got the whole cupcake trend. Given the choice, I'd almost always opt for a slice of normal-sized cake. Cupcakes, by virtue of being small and cute, get away with being way too sugary. Or too dry. Or piled with excessive amounts of meh frosting.

But here we are, years later, and cupcakes are as popular as ever. In recent weeks I traversed the cupcake grounds of San Francisco (despite my doubts) and soon discovered I was wrong. Cupcakes in the Golden Gate city are as diverse, as multi-dimensional, as deeply delicious as any un-cute desserts this world has to offer. From the intensely chocolaty to the cream cheese frosting-topped, there are cupcakes for every taste and every craving.


So here's to the elimination of cupcake prejudice. And if there are any doubters out there, I dare you to try your trepidation out against our 15 favorite cupcakes in San Francisco. They certainly made a convert out of me.

Our Picks

Gingerbread Cupcake at Miette
Lemon Poppy Seed and Brooklyn Blackout from Baker & Banker
Meyer Lemony Lemon and Fleur de Sel Cupcakes at Kara's Cupcakes
Grandma Tea Cake, Snickerdoodle, and Confetti Cupcakes from Sibby's Cupcakery
Gentlemen Prefer Reds and Hella Nutella at That Takes the Cake
Carrot Cake and Chocolate Chocolate Salt Cupcakes at Pinkie's Bakery
Basil Lemon Blueberry Cupcake at Kingdom Cake
Coconut S'mores Cupcake at Cups and Cakes Bakery
Fig Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting at Citizen Cake