Which Beer Blogs Do You Read?


The Beer Bloggers Conference has a list of around 1200 different beer blogs currently being published in the US and more than 570 international ones, but when I recently asked my ale and lager-loving friends which beer blogs they read, most responded with only a few names...if any at all.

Do you think beer writing is in a slump, as my friends reported? Or are there beer blog gems we should all be reading?


Personally, I tend to be most interested in beer blogs that focus on one local region, capturing local trends, reporting on special events and beer releases, and giving the inside scoop on brewery news. For example, Jeff Alworth writes Beervana from Portland, and keeps us up to date on the Oregon scene as well as weighing in on national craft beer issues. He's gathering an epic list of all the fresh hop beers being released this year, and makes time to explore lesser-known breweries in the Northwest as well as giving readers a heads up on upcoming festivals and events. For the Washington state scene, I turn to Geoff Kaiser's Seattle Beer News.


If you've developed an interest in sour beers, Embrace the Funk is worth a look, especially if you've wondered about homebrewing with bacteria and wild yeasts. He offers recipes and tips, plus interviews with pro brewers including Dave Logsdon of Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead, Crooked Stave owner Chad Yakobson, etc.

If you're mostly looking for news on recent releases, Beerpulse is the place to turn. Adam Nason runs the site, sharing labels that were recently approved and copy from the brewers on what to expect, as well as gathering newsy tidbits from brewery blogs and various newspapers.

There must be more beer blogs that are worth popping into Feedly. Which do you read and recommend?