Behind the Scenes: Making Roasted Pig Face at Girl & the Goat

Huge Galdones

Editor's Note: As the title suggests, this post follows the making of Girl & the Goat's roasted pig face. Needless to say, if you dislike seeing animal heads being butchered, I'd suggest clicking away. This post leaves nothing to the imagination.

The wood oven roasted pig face at Girl & the Goat is exactly what it sounds like: parts of a pig's face are roasted in a wood fired oven. It's also been a fixture on the menu since chef Stephanie Izard first opened the incredibly popular West Loop restaurant back in 2010. I certainly love it, and I couldn't wait to get behind the scenes to document how this dish is made from scratch.

As you can tell by the picture above, so much more goes into the dish than the title lets on. It's the multitude of harmonized flavors and textures that make the roasted pig face of one my favorite dishes ever. From the succulent wood-fired pig face patties, sweet maple gastrique, and tart tamarind vinaigrette to the crispy potato sticks and gooey sunnyside-up egg, it's clear why this is one of Girl & the Goat's signature dishes. I certainly hope there's an iteration (pig face sammy perhaps?) at Izard's upcoming restaurant, Little Goat .

Check out how the roasted pig face is created by clicking on the slideshow. Note that it honestly does start with a pig's face, so if you are grossed out easily you might want to skip this one.

Girl & The Goat

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