Behind the Scenes in Jamie's Home Kitchen

Jamie Feldmar

Editor's Note: In our new Home Kitchen series, we'll be touring the kitchens of SE staffers and contributors. First up: Managing Editor Jamie Feldmar, who lives in Brooklyn.

Before we begin, a brief note: if you're the type who spends hours perusing Pinterest for DIY decorating ideas, or falls down the rabbit hole of Apartment Therapy home tours, please look away from my kitchen, which I did not spruce up in the slightest prior to this impromptu photo shoot.

I've lived in my three-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn for almost eight years, with a rotating cast of cooking-prone roommates, and our collective belongings have mingled together over time, creating a kitchen-sized microcosm of New York as a melting pot. That, combined with my job as a food editor and my downright slightly compulsive habit of bringing home food-related souvenirs from every trip add up to make one random, cluttered kitchen. But that's better than having a boring kitchen, right? At least my mess has a story, man.*

*I am trying here, desperately, to justify the fact that I once spent six days chauffeuring a beer cooler full of Allan Benton's fresh country ham from his smokehouse in Tennessee back to New York, pausing daily to restock on ice cubes at gas stations and dumping the melted water in motel bathtubs. But that's a story for another time.

So, anyway, here's all the stuff in my kitchen and how it got there. Anything look familiar? Or...terribly out of place? Talk to me in the comments!

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