Behind the Scenes In Kenji's Home Kitchen (a.k.a. Home of The Food Lab)

My Kitchen

It's not bad for a New York apartment, but it's not big by any means. The pass-through to the hallway masquerading as a dining room is especially nice, as it gives the kitchen some decent light (which I block by hanging pans in front of it).

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

In our new Home Kitchen series, we'll be touring the kitchens of SE staffers and contributors. Today we're heading into Kenji's kitchen!

A couple things have changed since I last gave you a virtual tour of my kitchen back in 2010. Most prominently, I've moved. Down the hall. To a nearly identical-but-with-some-important-improvements apartment. The biggest improvement was a slightly more spacious kitchen and a deck where I can test grilled recipes.

I've also collected many more things along the way, which is good and bad. I'm in for some major spring cleaning when my wife and I head out to San Francisco this summer (we're finally getting out of New York!). Some things have been retired, like the frozen cat I had in my freezer for a few months before we could find a suitable burial ground. My taste-tester extraordinaire Dumpling also sadly passed away a few years ago, but there's never a shortage of hungry canine mouths to feed now that Hambone and Yuba are in the picture.

Take a walk through my kitchen and let me show you a bit of my world. It's not nearly as exciting as one could wish for, I imagine.