Tomato Bounty Week: Feta and Roasted Red Pepper-Stuffed Tomatoes

Inspired by tyrokafteri, a spicy Greek pepper-and-feta dip, these tomatoes are baked in the oven and served as a first course. Jennifer Olvera

Tomato season has finally hit its peak, and I couldn't be happier. Still, the delight of devouring a raw tomato out of hand does begin to wane...eventually. Whether or not you've hit your saturation point, hopefully we can agree that it never hurts to have some creative options up your sleeve. To that end, we're running new tomato recipes all week, with fun, satisfying preparations that go beyond the usual gazpachos and caprese salads.

An ode to summer's tomato bounty, this super-simple riff on Greek tyrokafteri—a salty, spicy dip of roasted peppers and feta—is packed with bold, fresh flavors. Though the traditional recipe calls for puréeing the ingredients, I decided to just give the roasted bell peppers, banana peppers, feta, and garlic a quick chop, in order to leave their textures intact. Together, they form a loose filling for hollowed tomatoes, which bake until tender and lip-smackingly sweet. They're perfect as a first course in place of salad.

Look for tomatoes that are ripe, but not too ripe—they should be able to hold their shape during baking. A drizzle of olive oil on top of the assembled dish helps it brown and adds some richness to each bite. They're best eaten warm, right out of the oven, although leftovers reheat nicely, too.