Old-Fashioned Cake from Miette | Bake the Book

Frankie Frankeny

This Old-Fashioned Cake from Miette is really what the bakery is all about, sweet and simple cakes presented in an understated but really beautiful way. The recipe combines two of owner Meg Ray's most versatile recipes from her cookbook: a moist, fudgy Double Chocolate Cake and marshmallowy Boiled Icing, topped with (what else?) a single maraschino cherry.

It's a classic sort of cake with familiar, comforting chocolate and vanilla flavors that bring to mind the best birthday cakes. The base is dense and moist, filled with a deep bittersweet chocolate flavor. And the icing? Well, if you've never had it, just imagine an incredibly delicate and airy version of marshmallow fluff with all of its wonderful vanilla-scented gooeyness.

Simpler than putting together an iced layer cake, this Old-Fashioned Cake has birthday written all over it. Can't you just see a handful of pastel candles glowing on top of that white icing?

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