Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Caraway | Bake the Book

Ellen SIlverman

When you get home in the early dark of winter and the fridge is nearly empty, you're going to want something satisfying to sink your teeth into. Luckily, there's Irish soda bread from The Epicurious Cookbook. This is the simplest Bake the Book recipe yet—only two steps and one bowl needed. Make it a day ahead if you're ultra lazy.

Tips: This recipe is blessedly simple, so treat the ingredients well. Sift your flour before blending with other dry ingredients, and sift again to make sure everything is incorporated

Tweaks: Don't like that anise-style caraway flavor? Leave the seeds out. Don't like raisins? Add dried cranberries. Dried tart cherries would be a nice twist as well.

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