Graham Cracker Bites From 'Mother Daughter Dishes'

Erika Shafer

Certainly the easiest dessert in Mother Daughter Dishes, graham cracker bites are little balls of crunchy, toasty sweetness coated in salt-sprinkled chocolate. The addition of sea salt to the sweet milk is a great contrast, and a thick coating of chocolate allows them to melt in your mouth before crunching them up. They barely require any effort, and taste even better after a nice chill in the fridge.

Tips: Chocolate melts are suggested in place of chocolate chips, since they're meant to melt and set with ease. However, nothing compares to the taste of good dark chocolate, and it's not that hard to use. Just microwave it in 15- to 30-second intervals, stirring with a spatula. If you don't temper the chocolate (and you don't really need to), store the candies in the fridge.

Tweaks: Graham crackers aren't the only crispy cookie that work in this recipe. Oreos are a fine substitute, cream and all (it adds to the texture). Substitute dark chocolate for milk if you plan to use Oreos. Ginger cookies are good, too; anything that breaks down into a fine crumb.

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