Moonshine & Corn Syrup Custard with Pecans Ice Cream | Bake the Book

Kelsey McClellan

Corn syrup and corn whiskey are the two unlikely but integral ingredients found in this ice cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts. A thick, sweet syrup custard is mixed into a sweet cream and cream cheese base, and toasted, salty pecans are sprinkled throughout. The flavor of moonshine wraps around it all. It's rich, dense, and just short of overwhelming.

Tips: Overbaking the custard makes it impossible to layer, so err on the side of under-baked. No instructions are provided regarding how best to layer the custard with the ice cream and pecans, which we took to mean that any way is O.K., as long as the custard makes its way in there. If you have a friend in the kitchen, enlist their help to pour the custard while you lay down the ice cream; but if you're going it alone, just switch between the two containers, sprinkling in pecans every so often. You won't get exact layers because there's much more ice cream than custard, but that's just fine.

Tweaks: Speaking of custard, the recipe provided for corn syrup custard makes about twice as much as you need for the ice cream. There aren't many uses for chilled sugar slurries (aside from spreading on bread, or eating it with your fingers), so once you've sampled your share of spoonfuls, take the rest and add it to the ice cream. No one ever complained about too many good things in their ice cream bowl.