Chocolate Rads | Bake the Book

Frankie Frankeny

The Model Bakery Cookbook made sure to include this recipe, which is a customer favorite. And who wouldn't love chewy, crackly-topped ultra-chocolatey cookies? Leave out the nuts if you're allergic; otherwise, keep 'em.

Tips: If you glance over the recipe, you'll notice that, by weight, chocolate is the main ingredient. Therefore it's important that the chocolate you choose is of the best quality. There's a pound of the stuff called for to make the dough, then another 2 cups of chips to mix in. Use a 52% cacao chocolate for the dough, and a slightly darker one (think 61%) for the chips for a pleasant contrast that keeps these cookies from becoming cloying.

Tweaks: The chocolate used by the Model Bakery in this recipe is Guittard's French Vanilla, a 54% cacao content semisweet chocolate. To the chocolate-savvy readers, that's on the lower end of semisweet, but be ware of going too dark or the chocolate flavor will verge on bitter. If you can't find something in the fifties, a 61% should do fine as well.

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