Awesome Burger Haikus: We Have Some Winnahs!

Turns out we had one extra book sitting around for the Hamburger America Burger Haiku Giveaway. So we have six winners instead of five! They are, in no particular order:

dark brown salty crust right amount of pink inside sizzle juicy drip

The judges say: A perfect portrait of the perfect burger.

You once were a cow Now you are a burger Tasty little cow

The judges say: Fun and wickedly dark—from the cow's standpoint. If haikus had titles, this one's would be "Bwahahahah."

this is Mc Nuggets i said i want a Big Mac fix your intercom

The judges say: We've all been there, man. Amen.

Fresh from the butcher, When almost rare, good moist beef, Seasoned, stands alone

The judges say: Right on. The best burgers need little more than seasoning.

Pastures of cows & steer Fields of golden wheat A Burger is Born
—Q80 BurgerBelly

The judges say: Simply beautiful. Captures not only the spirit of burgers but the spirit of America at its best, as well.

Family cookout Behind me, sizzle and smoke -- I can see burgers

The judges say: Evocative of Memorial Day and summer weekends in general.

Thanks to everyone who entered. And it is clear we will have to hold a burger limerick contest soon!