Avocado Chocolate Mousse

The secret to ultra-creamy and velvety smooth vegan chocolate mousse? Ripe avocados.

Overhead view of avocado chocolate mousse

Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

Why This Recipe Works

  • Ripe avocados are the key to a vegan chocolate mousse with a velvety texture.
  • Incorporating liquids like oat milk and agave syrup makes the mousse easier to blend and also helps sweeten the dessert.

In college, I was a health nut—the kind of crunchy granola gal who started each day with a green smoothie and took the time to soak psyllium husk powder for dense seed and nut loaves. I doused my food in nutritional yeast and abstained from refined sugar, choosing instead to whip up nut-and-date balls or chocolate mousse with avocados. My friends, patient as always, endured numerous dinner parties featuring grain bowls and “cheesecakes” made from cashews. Eventually, someone shook me from my stupor, I saw the light, and I have since returned to eating a more balanced diet filled with fried food and chocolate chip cookies.

But oh that avocado chocolate mousse! I may not use Bragg's as mouthwash anymore, but that is one recipe that remains firmly in my dessert repertoire, and is my go-to whenever I’m cooking for vegan friends or when I just want to eat chocolate mousse first thing in the morning—because it’s that easy.

Unlike a traditional French chocolate mousse, in which you have to melt chocolate, make a meringue, then carefully fold together the ingredients to avoid deflating the mixture, this avocado version cuts the work down to blend-and-eat simplicity and the cooking time from nearly five hours to barely five minutes. The avocados work so well because they manage to stand in for both the meringue, which makes the dessert just light enough, and the mixture of yolks, melted chocolate, and cream, which lends traditional mousse its rich flavor and texture. 

Being the miracle fruit they are, avocados provide richness, body, and silkiness—while also being whippable to a mousse-like consistency. And because they bring so much texture to the mousse, there’s no need for melting chocolate and its ample cocoa butter content. A good dose of cocoa powder is all that's needed for that deep chocolate flavor. 

Incorporating liquids like oat milk and agave syrup makes the dessert easier to blend and also helps sweeten it, which  the cocoa powder’s bitter notes (and, it's worth noting, if you're not vegan, you could just use whole milk). A little salt and vanilla bring it all together, resulting in a well-seasoned bittersweet chocolate mousse. 

If you didn’t tell people what the secret ingredient was, they likely wouldn’t be able to figure it out. My favorite party trick? Serving this mousse to everyone and revealing the surprise ingredient only after everyone’s happily eaten their dessert. It's a great game to play right before I pass around the obligatory after-dinner kale chips.

Side angle view of avocado mousse

Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

Recipe Details

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Prep 10 mins
Total 10 mins
Makes 2 cups

The secret to ultra-creamy and velvety smooth vegan chocolate mousse? Ripe avocados.


  • 3 ripe medium Hass avocados (17 ounces; 480g), pitted and flesh scooped
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons (2 1/4 ounces; 63g) Dutch-processed cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon Diamond Crystal kosher salt; for table salt, use a pinch
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla paste (see notes)
  • 1/2 cup (120ml) oat milk
  • 1/3 cup (80ml) light agave syrup


  1. In the bowl of a food processor, process avocados, cocoa powder, and salt until just blended. Using a silicone spatula, scrape down sides of the bowl; add vanilla paste, oat milk, and agave syrup, and process until creamy, 3 to 4 minutes. 

    Two image collage of overhead view of ingredients in a food processor before and after being blended

    Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

Special Equipment

Food processor, silicone spatula


Vanilla bean paste gives the mousse a more robust flavor, but you can substitute with vanilla extract if needed.

Make-Ahead and Storage

The chocolate mousse can be stored in an airtight container, with plastic wrap pressed on the surface, and refrigerated for up to 3 days.