16 Aperol Cocktails to Keep You Cool

These Aperol cocktails take full advantage of the aperitif's fruity and bitter flavor, and bright orange color.

An Unusual Negroni, and Aperol, Lillet, and Gin Cocktail, with a grapefruit wedge on the rim of the glass.

Aperol may be the perfect summer aperitif. It has low enough alcohol by volume (just 11%) that drinking early doesn't mean passing out by sunset, and its bright and fresh sweetness is matched by just a little bit of bitterness for balance. If you are looking for ways to use up the extra citrus sitting in a bowl on your counter, pairing it with this Italian aperitif is just the ticket. It's also delicious mixed with a wide range of spirits and liqueurs, or just used to flavor a glass of Prosecco. These are our favorite Aperol-forward cocktail recipes to get you started.


Girovita cocktail in a tall glass on table next to empty wine glass.
Alice Gao

This Pimm's Cup variation from The Modern in NYC brings together Aperol, Pimm's, and rich apricot liqueur, lightened with a splash of bitter tonic and garnishes of cucumber and mint.

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Aperol Spritz

Aperol spritz cocktail in tall glass with ice and lemon wedge garnish.
Robyn Lee

You'll see this drink all over Italy: it's easy to make and easy to drink. The Aperol lends a rosy hue and bittersweet punch to Prosecco lengthened with soda.

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Cotogna's Aperol Fizz

Cotogna's aperol fizz cocktail on wooden table.
Wes Rowe

This rich, tart, and frothy spin on the Aperol Spritz leaves out the Prosecco and adds an eggwhite for texture. At the restaurant, this drink is fizzed up with an old fashioned soda siphon, but a regular pour of seltzer will work fine too.

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The Paper Plane

The paper plane cocktail on metal serving tray with candlesticks.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Though you often see Aperol combined with lighter spirits, it can work well with aged alcohols as well. We're a little obsessed with this cocktail lately: equal parts good bourbon, rich Amaro Nonino, fresh lemon, and Aperol make for a delicious combination.

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Aperol Gin Punch

Aperol gin bunch in large punch bowl.
Vicky Wasik

This big batch of punch is ready for a party. It's tangy, a little herbal, and strong, flavored with lime, grapefruit, and orange. You might want to thin it with sparkling wine if you're looking to slow down the party's pace a bit.

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Rosemary, Baby!

Punch bowl of rosemary-Aperol cocktail with citrus slices.
Alice Gao

This punch from Brooklyn's Prime Meats is based on Aperol infused with fresh rosemary for a rich piney flavor, offset with honey, bourbon, and sparkling wine.

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Adriatique cocktail in glass in front of bottle of Amaro Montenegro.
Robyn Lee.

Sometimes you're not looking for a spirit-forward cocktail, and would rather focus on flavor than booze. In that case, this tasty aperitif from Jackson Cannon of Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston is for you. It brings together fresh orange juice with Aperol and herbal-bittersweet Amaro Montenegro.

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Descanso Beach Smash

Cocktail in glass garnished with mint, in front of leaf-printed fabric background.
Marleigh Riggins Miller

A vacation sipper that's not too sweet, spiked with rye and Aperol, and flavored with fresh muddled lemon and mint.

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The Two-One-Two

Image displaying bottle of tequila next to bottle of Aperol.
Paul Clarke

Created by Willy Shine, this cocktail is easy to remember: two parts reposado tequila, 1 part Aperol, two parts fresh grapefruit juice. It manages to be both rich and refreshing, just right for urging on warmer weather.

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Ratterwick Punch (Sparkling Gin, Aperol, and Grapefruit Cocktail)

A glass of the Ratterwick punch cocktail, on the rocks
Photography copyright: Kelly Puleio © 2019

This punch pairs gin and Aperol with the sweet-bitter juice from fresh grapefruits, along with lemon juice and enough chilled sparkling wine to give the cocktail a refreshing fizz.

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Unusual Negroni (Aperol, Lillet, and Gin Cocktail)

Negroni in tumbler glass, garnished with wedge of grapefruit.
Vicky Wasik

If you find a traditional Negroni a little too assertive, this lighter, mellower take might be just the cocktail for you. Aperol gives the drink a slightly bitter orange flavor, which is boosted further by the honey-and-citrus notes of golden Lillet Blanc. The botanical flavors of Hendrick's Gin perfectly finish off this wonderfully unusual take on a classic Negroni.

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Sparkling Rosé Sangria With Aperol and Peaches

Rosé sangria in wine glass, with handful of white peaches stirred in.
Vicky Wasik

This bright, fruit-filled drink balances somewhere between sangria and Aperol spritz. Dry rosé tones down the sweetness of fresh peaches and a floral vanilla syrup. Aperol, along with lemon juice and sparkling water, make this drink perfect for all-day sipping.

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Intro to Aperol

Intro to Aperol cocktail in small glass on wooden table.
Maggie Hoffman

This aptly named cocktail is a great introduction to the assertive flavor of Aperol, and with only a handful of ingredients you can shake it up in minutes. The Aperol is combined with gin, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup, and a dash of Angostura bitters cuts through the drink's sweetness.

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