Serious Eats and The Food Lab Have Teamed Up With Anova to Bring You the Best Sous Vide Guides On the Planet

Anova Culinary

I've long been a fan of Anova's line of precision cookers for sous-vide cooking, from the original Anova One to the newer Anova Precision Cooker, with its nifty scroll-wheel and Bluetooth phone support. Thus far, they've proven to be the best devices on the market in the sub-$200 price range, so when they approached me about working together with them on their iOS and Android apps to develop a brand new set of sous-vide cooking guides, it seemed like a no-brainer.

The new apps are completely free to download and will feature all-new content that I've been working on exclusively for Serious Eats and Anova, including thoroughly tested timing and temperature charts, clear and precise step-by-step photographs, and instructions to guarantee that even a complete sous-vide noob will get perfect results from the get-go. Each guide will also feature FAQ sections based on extensive real-world testing that finally lay to rest some of the most common questions and myths about sous-vide cooking.

The first guide is all about steak. Download the Anova app for iOS or Android or check out the online version to read up on how to cook the most common cuts of steak, with full instructions for finishing indoors or out (whether you've got yourself a fancy torch or not). See whether or not it's a good idea to pre-sear your steak before bagging, or when exactly you should be salting it. Does cooking too long affect texture? (Hint: yes). What's the ideal thickness for a precision-cooked sous-vide steak? I answer all these questions and more in the new guide.

The great part is that with the app, not only will you get the guides built right in, but you'll also have the capability to control your device straight from your phone. With the steak guide, all you've got to do is tell it what cut you're cooking, how thick it is, and how you like it done and your device will automatically cook it perfectly.

And stay tuned, because we'll be releasing brand new rigorously tested, guaranteed-to-work guides every month!

This guide produced in partnership with Anova Culinary, makers of the Anova Precision Cooker. Download the Anova app for built-in temperature and timing guides along with full bluetooth control over the Anova Precision Cooker.