American Classics: Grape-Nuts Cookies

Pam Parrella

Sometimes when I'm stressed I leaf through old cookbooks. My blogging partner gave me a copy of All Maine Cooking for a recent birthday and it's become on of my go-to favorites. The book was originally published by the Courier-Gazette in Rockland, Maine in the late 60s and it's a wonderful collection of Down East recipes from home cooks throughout the state of Maine.

It was this book that inspired me to make Potato Doughnuts, one of my all-time favorite American Classics recipes. Regular column readers know that I'm a huge fan of Grape-Nuts. I put them in pudding. I put them in ice cream. And thanks to All Maine Cooking, I now put them in cookies.

Last year María del Mar Sacasa whipped up an awesome looking batch of oatmeal cookies featuring Grape-Nuts (and blueberries!), but since this is the American Classics column, I decided to go the traditional route by making my cookies with applesauce and raisins (though I'll admit I did another test batch with chocolate chips, you know, for science). If you love that whole grain malt flavor of Grape-Nuts, these cookies are for you. The bigger Grape-nuggets keep a little bit of their crunch while the applesauce makes for a wonderfully moist cookie. I can't help but think this would make an awesome ice cream sandwich with some Grape-Nuts ice cream...

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