That's Nuts: Almond Butter Bostock


Bostock is a traditional French recipe which transforms day-old brioche into something nutty and wonderful. Sort of how we Americans make french toast, only more French and without the eggs.

If you're an almond lover, you're especially love bostock—this recipe could easily be called "Almonds Three Ways" as the recipes call for almond extract, almond paste, and sliced almonds.

What I love most about bostock is the variety of textures: the crispy edges, the soft, custardy interior, and the crunchy nuts on top.

With all of that variety, it's still a pretty easy and quick recipe to prepare. The most complicated part is probably making the frangipane topping. Sound complicated? Not really. Frangipane is just a fancy French way of saying "almond filling." Recipes vary by recipe and use; they always include almonds and sugar, and sometimes butter and eggs. It is most often made with almond paste. Since most of us don't keep that stocked in our pantries, I created this recipe using almond butter.

This is perfect to prepare for a large brunch, or make a batch for yourself and individually freeze the slices; you can heat the up in a toaster oven whenever you're feeling like a decadent treat. Share some with the Francophile in your life and you're sure to be a star.