Aftermarket Insert Turns Your Weber Kettle Grill into Coal-Fired Pizza Oven


The Pizza Kettle ($79.95) is an aftermarket insert that turns your Weber Kettle grill into a sort of coal-fired pizza oven. It basically "extends" the height of your grill enough to give it an oven mouth that you can slide pizzas in and out of. The lid stays on, with the idea being that the temperature stays high enough inside to cook the pizzas under the same intense heat that the best wood- and coal-fired ovens reach.

I got wind of it in this email from Slice'r Philip Given, with the subject line "Look what I just bought":

... I like the actual design of the product. I'm thinking I will mod it to be sort of like the 2stone Pizza Grill thing, since it's basically a metal insert. It also reminds me a lot of the PizzaForge/FrankenWeber that Pizza Hacker uses (but not made of stone).

Massachusetts inventor Al Contarino makes the Kettle Pizza Oven and sells it from Main Street Hardware in North Andover, Massachusetts. It's $79.95. You can also buy it online via eBay.

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