About Serious Eats

Welcome to the world’s most trusted authority on deliciousness. Millions of passionate, discerning, curious, and very hungry people come to Serious Eats in search of definitive recipes, hard-core food science, trailblazing techniques, and innovative guides to essential food and drink anywhere and everywhere. We bring a democratic yet scientific approach to cooking the best dishes, busting food myths, and delivering strong opinions on what you should eat next, where, when, and why.

What Do You Mean, “Serious” Eats?

Does that mean we’re only talking high-end restaurants and fancy foodstuffs? Nope, not at all. By “serious,” we mean impressive, audacious, inventive, well-made, or just seriously delicious. We believe great eating comes from home skillets and corner bodegas just as readily as four-star white-tablecloth joints. We insist on having fun and loving food to the fullest. We don’t take ourselves too seriously otherwise, and neither should you.

Who Are the Serious Eaters?

Meet them on our masthead — hover over each photo for a little insight into our personal food fixations.

Where Do Your Recipes Come From?

The ideas we develop at Serious Eats are tested and tasted—over and over again—by our dedicated in-house recipe developers, all of whom are skilled professionals obsessed with good food. We’re mindful of modern techniques while staying rooted in the repertoire of the classic home cook. There are way too many boring, repetitive, and just plain bad recipes available online. We don’t post a new Serious Eats recipe until we’re absolutely sure ours is different from and/or better than anything you’ll find anywhere else. And we’re constantly updating our old recipes with new techniques and improvements based on further testing and reader suggestions.

And What About Your Recommendations?

On Serious Eats, you’ll find reviews and tastings of products ranging from Japanese candy to canned chicken broth and everything in between. All of our recommendations come from tastings conducted in-house, so you can be sure that you’re getting the real information you need to make better choices. Our equipment reviews are written by editors or contributors who’ve actually used and abused the equipment they’re writing about. Anytime we review a restaurant—and that ranges from a tasting menu to a single sandwich—we go in unannounced and pay our own way. We make every effort to be as anonymous as possible. We never accept free meals for the purposes of review.

I Still Have a Question!

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