A Pie Cream Thanksgiving

Max Falkowitz

Are you a Thanksgiving renegade? Are you the person who buys capon, fills it with vegan stuffing, and serves bok choy on the side? Maybe you just like sneaking in a few changes under the radar. "What? What's this delicious spread of mezzes and pita doing next to the cranberry sauce? I swear I thought I was buying cheese and crackers."

One such renegade, at least when it comes to frozen desserts, is our own Max Falkowitz. Yes, our resident Scooped columnist had the audacity to turn pie into ice cream. Really delicious ice cream. Really delicious ice cream that had so many of the same great qualities as pie that we thought, what if we served them instead of pie. What if we had a Pie Cream Thanksgiving?


We're pretty sure it would be awesome. We can already attest to the rich texture of the Apple Pie Ice Cream, which has a luscious caramely flavor thanks to apples that are cooked down with butter and a little sugar. A touch of cinnamon rounds out the flavor, and tea biscuits act as pieces of crust.

The Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream has pieces of gingersnap cookies, fresh ginger, and a touch of bourbon. But the base is the same as pumpkin pie: pumpkin purée, brown sugar, and notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. And Pecan Pie, is there another dessert that's so well suited for a dairy takeover? The base is flavored with vanilla and nuts, and you'll be addicted to the salty-sweet-gooey swirl of brown sugar, molasses, and pecans.

Want to have a Pie Cream Thanksgiving? Check out the recipes below. As Max says, "You get everything [the] pie is all about, without that pesky crust getting in the way."

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