A Hamburger Tuesday: Submit Your Turkey Burgers!

Green Chile Turkey Burgers
Real New Mexico-style green chile cheeseburgers, made with a seasoned turkey patty.

Joshua Bousel

We're trying a little something new at A Hamburger Tuesday this week and asking y'all to submit recipes along a specific theme. This week? Turkey burgers.

Now, you may have noticed that in the past I've come down pretty strongly against the concept of burgers made with anything but pure beef. But here's a little tip: the forcefulness of any statement I make is directly correlated with the amount of salt you should take it with. While true burgers may be made of beef, there's room for all types in this burgersphere, particularly during the holiday seasons when we've all got turkey on the brain (or in the fridge).

We'll start you off with a few of our own versions to get your started, but what we really want to see is your creativity!

For the burger purists out there, we offer the Burger Lab's Seriously Meaty Turkey Burgers. They're the absolute juiciest, meatiest turkey burger you'll ever taste. The secret is a mixture of roasted eggplant, soy sauce, anchovies, and marmite in the mix.

If you prefer a bit more adulteration in your patties (and who secretly doesn't?), you might go with these Juicy Turkey Burgers with Sriracha Mayo and Charred Scallions or perhaps these Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers that bring an entire Thanksgiving meal on a bun in the most delicious way possible.

We're also pretty psyched about these Skillet Herb-Filled Turkey Burgers with Cheddar Cheese for an indoors version packed with tons of herbs and cheese and topped with arugula and avocado.