A Gin for All Seasons

Bombay Bramble is fresh, festive, and fruit-forward

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After more subdued celebrations last year, 2021 feels like the year to make the holidays truly festive again. To add a little sparkle to every day, and toast the ones we love with something unexpectedly delicious.

Meet Bombay Bramble, the latest release from the innovative minds of the creators of Bombay Sapphire— a gin bursting with notes of blackberry and raspberry. It’s made by infusing classic London Dry Gin with just-picked berries at the peak of their freshness and juicy flavor (unlike other infused gins, which often use artificial flavorings and add sugar). Bombay Bramble has no added sugar, so it lets the rich, vibrant flavor of blackberries and raspberries shine. 

And with its stunning ruby-red hue, Bombay Bramble will be a showstopper on your bar — and under the tree — this holiday season. Here are some ideas on how to bring fresh fruit flavor into your holiday plans.

Serve It

Holiday Cocktail

Because it’s full of fruit flavor, Bombay Bramble needs little more than lemonade, a splash of club soda, and ice to create a crisp, refreshing cocktail — so consider it a no-hassle cocktail for your next party. To dress up the drinks for your holiday get-together, consider adding frozen raspberries and blackberries, or garnish your glass with dried or fresh citrus for a taste of the season. It’ll make any party feel all the more festive.

Gift It

Bombay bramble_gift

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like a high-quality spirit with rich flavor. Tie a big red bow around a bottle of Bombay Bramble and give it to your favorite cocktail lover or party host. If you want to take it to the next level of gifting, create a cocktail kit by adding a few goblets designed for gin and tonics, some dried fruit garnishes, and a silicone ice cube tray. You’ll make sure they make a perfect drink every time.

Get Creative With It


Bombay Bramble is a gin that’s founded on creativity, so if you like to mix cocktails at home, explore how its fresh, fruity flavor adds a new dimension to your favorite classic gin drinks. Pair it with sparkling wine and lemon to make a Bombay Bramble 75, a twist on the French 75, or make an effervescent Bombay Bramble Fizz or a refreshing Bombay Bramble Spritz.