8 Seafood Bowls to Jumpstart a Healthier Lifestyle

Explore delicious new ways to enjoy protein rich Alaska seafood.

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Lots of people make eating better their New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, most of them will give up on the goal by the time January is over—and that’s usually because they approach it the wrong way. Instead of thinking about the foods they need to cut out of their diet, they should focus on all the delicious dishes they can start making, starting with bowls packed with Alaska seafood. 

From salmon to sole, Alaska seafood is loaded with proteins from the sea. There’s no limit to what you can cook with it, but making Alaska seafood the centerpiece of a bowl is a great way to explore different methods for preparing seafood, as well as what kind of spices and sides bring out the best in the fish. 

These mouthwatering bowls are delicious proof that a healthy diet doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. And with eight uniquely delicious recipes—and infinite opportunities for subtle tweaks and customizations—you’re not going to get bored with Alaska seafood anytime soon. The toughest choice will be which one of these to make first.

Miso Alaska Sole & Yuzu Soba Noodle Bowl

Miso Soba Noodle Bowl

All the flavors are working in perfect harmony in this bowl. Marinating the Alaska sole with miso-sesame aioli elevates the subtle flavor of the fish, and complementing those citrus and umami elements with roasted sweet potatoes brings in even more irresistible flavors. Lay the seafood and veggies on a bed of soba noodles tossed with sesame-ginger dressing and you’ll have a healthy dinner bursting with Japanese flavors. 

Smoky Harissa Baked Alaska Cod Bulgar Bowl

Harissa Baked Cod

This bowl is the delectable marriage of Alaska seafood and Mediterranean flavors. The Alaska cod anchors the recipe, but the mix of garbanzo beans and bulgur wheat dressed with orange juice and olive oil adds some zest to the recipe. Once you’ve got those elements in place, you can bring the heat with harissa aioli and freshen things up with some mixed greens. It makes for a healthy yet satisfying lunch, one that won’t leave you with the urge to nap or snack in the afternoon. 

Honey-Pom Red Pepper Alaska Quinoa Lentil Bowl

Red Pom Halibet

The relatively mild flavor of Alaska cod is one of the reasons it’s such a great fit in so many bowls. This recipe, for instance, uses honey-balsamic dressing and pomegranate seeds to lend the meal some serious bite. The fish, along with the lentils, quinoa and brussel sprouts in the bowl, are excellent at absorbing those subtly tart and sweet flavors. When digging into this bowl, it might be hard to believe that it’s so healthy. 

Spicy Wild Alaska Polluck Surimi and Shishito Rice Bowl

Spicy Surimi Bowl

If you like bowls that are spicy and easy to put together, it’s tough to beat this one. The wild Alaska pollock surimi doesn’t need to be cooked. You can simply toss it with sriracha aioli and lemon juice until it’s well mixed. As for the rest of the bowl, the only thing you’ll actually have to cook is the jasmine rice and shishito peppers (or bell pepper slices or string beans if you prefer). Once it’s plated and served, however, everyone at the table will assume you spent hours assembling this bold and spicy seafood bowl. 

Char Grilled Alaska Salmon Rice Bowl with Peanut Sauce


There’s not a right or wrong way to make salmon, but one of the most underrated ways to prepare the delicious and healthy fish is by skewering and grilling it. That gives it an excellent texture and subtly smoky flavor, which goes great with the Thai peanut sauce this recipe suggests. It’s an elegant and savory combination, one that’s perfectly balanced by the bright freshness of the tomato-cucumber salad. It’s an unexpected mix of flavors that you’ll want to recreate over and over again.

Caramelized Pineapple Ginger Alaska Rockfish & Gingered Brown Rice Bowl

Caramelized Alaska

Pineapple. Charred Snap Peas. Ginger. Alaska Rockfish. It might be hard to imagine all these ingredients in the same meal, but this recipe proves that the character of each ingredient—the sweetness from the pineapple, heat from the peppers, brightness from the ginger, and the succulent texture of the rockfish—all bring out the best in one another. Make it for dinner tonight and taste it for yourself. 

Crispy Alaska Pollock Hanoi Noodle Bowl

Crispy Polluck

Add some new texture to your next meal by making crispy Alaska pollock the star of the bowl. This recipe calls for protein-rich beer-battered fish that can be cooked in a snap in an air fryer or oven which is a perfect combination with nutritious veggies. But there’s more to it than just the crunch of the fish and cucumbers. The delicate rice noodles tossed with a sesame-ginger dressing, turn this bowl into a complex and balanced dinner the whole family can enjoy. 

Citrus Alaska Salmon and Pearled Salmon Couscous Grain Bowl


Few things are better than a salmon fillet marinated in yuzu-style dressing. Enjoying that fillet alongside a tomato-cucumber salad, couscous and sophisticated notes of saffron is one of those things. The fact that the salmon is healthy and immune-boosting just makes it even sweeter. 

Once you’ve tried all these recipes, you can start experimenting and creating your own seafood bowls. Just remember to always use Alaska seafood to keep it healthy and flavorful.