An Open Letter to the Serious Eats Community

A well-stocked pantry shelf

Dear Readers,

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives all over the world, and that includes each and every constituent of the Serious Eats community: our readers and viewers of our videos, our contributors, and our staff members.

As we watch the ever-changing events unfold in real time, we wanted to let you know that we'll continue to create relevant content that we hope will be a source of comfort and pleasure in these difficult times: pantry suggestions, soul-sustaining recipes that don’t require a lot of hard-to-find ingredients, ideas for making the most of what you've already stocked up on. And if there's other content you'd like to see on the site while we're all dealing with this anxiety-provoking situation, please let us know.

We're taking all necessary precautions in continuing our work. That means our full-time staffers are working remotely to limit social contact, and many of our contributors are doing the same. It also means that we're heeding the advice of the CDC and other trusted, reputable sources of information. We urge every member of our community to do so as well.

We consider the millions-strong Serious Eats community to be members of a large extended family. As a result, we just wanted you to know that we're thinking about the well-being of each and every one of you as we go about our business.

Do let us know if there are any other ways we can help you get through this stressful time.

Onward and upward,

The Serious Eats Team