D'Artagnan Is Having a 40% Off Flash Sale

Boasting consistent, high-quality products (both common and specialty) and good customer service, D'Artagnan is a staple meat and poultry supplier for restaurants and kitchens all over the country—including the Serious Eats test kitchen. Unfortunately, their prices can be prohibitive for home cooks on a budget...which is why we're happy to announce that D'Artagnan is having a 40% off flash sale today.

Shake things up with hard-to-find game meat, like venison loins or whole rabbit. Or stock up on better bacon for brunch. Even better: Their whole duck and duck breasts are on sale, which means you can easily partake in duckstravaganza, our month-long deep-dive into all things duck. This writer also loves the duck saucisson sec.

Whether you're shopping for big cooking projects, ingredients for quicker weeknight meals, or ways to improve your game-day cheeseboard, D'Artagnan is an excellent place to start. The deal ends at midnight tonight (January 13).

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