Cyber Monday 2019: The Best Deals for Your Kitchen and Home

And just like that, it's Cyber Monday! We're excited to see that a few good deals from Black Friday are still available, plus a whole slew of new deals for some of our favorite pieces of equipment and review winners. Whether you're outfitting a new apartment or searching for the perfect holiday gift, our deal detectives have got you covered.

All-Clad Fry-Pan Set: 30% Off

All-Clad cookware is timeless for good reason. It's well-made, with excellent heat distribution and retention. It's also really expensive, which can make am All-Clad pan a hard purchase to justify. Today, you can pick up two fry pans (10-inch and 12-inch) for $77 each, which is far lower than we've ever seen. Armed with these two pans, you'll be able to get a perfect sear on meat, sauté vegetables, and much more.

Get 30% off an All-Clad fry-pan set here

Breville Smart Oven: 40% Off

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In our review of the best toaster ovens, the Breville Smart Oven came out on top: it makes perfect toast, bakes up frozen pizza easily, and can even cook a frozen chicken pot pie. What's more, the oven is good looking, intuitive and easy to use, and has just a few dials and buttons. A cool 40% off makes it even more affordable today, worth it for a piece of equipment you'll be using almost every day.

Get 40% off the Breville Smart Oven here

Lodge Reversible Griddle: Extra $11 Off at Checkout

This cast iron griddle spans two burners, making it perfect for high-volume indoor grilling projects. Use it for shrimp skewers for a crowd on one side, then flip it over for a smooth top to make griddled classics, like pancakes and smashed burgers.

Get the reversible griddle for $11 off here

West Elm Platters: Up to 30% Off

Cyber Monday has also wriggled its way into retail stores like West Elm. We looked through the long list of deals and found one of our favorite serving platters for 30% off. Pick one (or maybe two!) up for a festive holiday table and New Year’s entertaining.

Get a West Elm serving platter for 30% off

KitchenAid KSMPRA Pasta-Roller Attachment: 55% Off

If you want to make great pasta at home, you need the right tools. And this three-piece pasta-rolling and -cutting set will help you get the job done with ease. A note about KitchenAid attachments: Attachments labeled "KSMPRA" are made completely from metal whereas ones labeled "KPRA" are made with metal and plastic. KPRA models may be less expensive, but we recommend getting the metal ones because they’re less likely to break over time. (There are several KPRA models on sale today, but we’re keeping an eye out for the good ones.)

Get the three-piece set for 55% off here

Hamilton Beach Immersion Blender: 31% Off

We reviewed the best immersion blenders and the unassuming Hamilton Beach model performed much better than many of the pricier options out there. With a nice wide blade guard and large vents, it creates a perfect vortex for making mayo, whipped cream, and even crushed ice. While the blender is already pretty affordable, today it's clocking in at just $21, making it an excellent (and useful!) stocking stuffer.

Get the Hamilton Beach Immersion Blender for 31% off

Cuisinart Dutch Ovens: Up to 35% Off

We spend a lot of time extolling the virtues of the Le Creuset Dutch oven, but there are a few other Dutch ovens out there that are as equally useful to the home cook and a lot more affordable. For example, Cuisinart's model did quite well in our review and today is just $54.99. While we tested the five-quart model, the seven-quart model is also on sale today in case you're cooking for a big crew.

Get a Cuisinart Dutch oven for up to 35% off here

ThermoWorks: 25% Off Thermapen

Whether you're cooking a roast or making caramel, a good instant-read thermometer is essential if you want consistent results. This is why we love the Thermapen. It delivers super accurate readings in mere seconds, and you can read about its many uses here. This is the best ThermoWorks sale of the year, so pick up a Thermapen now. Or maybe a few. (They make great gifts, too.)

Pick up a Thermapen for 25% off

ThermoWorks Smoke Thermometer: 20% Off

The Smoke is one of our favorite leave-in probe thermometers. You can use the cooking probe to gauge the temperature inside a roast, and the ambient probe to track your oven temperature. It also comes with a wireless radio receiver you can carry up to 300 feet away, allowing you to keep an eye on temperatures even when you're off mixing a drink.

Get 20% off the Smoke Dual-Probe Thermometer

Rubbermaid Oven Thermometer: 15% Off

Normally, this oven thermometer hovers around $7, but since Black Friday, it's even cheaper. This super affordable thermometer will help ensure your oven is set to the temperature you actually need, which is important when you’re cooking over the holidays. Grab one of these, tuck it into your oven, and avoid sad, burnt cookies.

Get 15% Off the Rubbermaid Oven Thermometer

All-Clad Immersion Blender: 29% Off

There are so many uses for an immersion blender. While, the Hamilton Beach model above was our top budget pick, the All-Clad was the best and most powerful over all. The price generally hovers around $100 (and rarely moves!), but today it’s just $71.32, a great price for something so versatile in the kitchen.

Get the All-Clad immersion blender for 29% off

Instant Pot Ultra: 47% Off

The Instant Pot continues to be a perennial golden child on Cyber Monday, and the six-quart Instant Pot Ultra is on sale again for a pretty good price. We like to use our Instant Pot for cold-weather favorites like chile verde. Need more inspiration? Head right over here for all of our pressure cooker recipes.

Get 40% Off the Instant Pot

Instant Pot Immersion Circulator: 31% Off

In our review of the best immersion circulators, we found that the Instant Pot model was a perfect starter circulator if you want to try your hand at sous vide. Of the affordable immersion circulators that we tested, the Accu Slim performed the best. It's a bare-bones machine with a simple display interface. There’s no paired app, Bluetooth, or WiFi connectivity, but it does do what it's meant for: heating and circulating water at a precise temperature.

Get 31% Off the Instant Pot Immersion Circulator

ChefSteps Joule: 28% Off

Another one of our favorite sous vide devices is on sale today. The ChefSteps Joule, down to $145 from $199, is especially handy if you're living in a small apartment. When not in use, it can fit nicely into a kitchen drawer.

Get the Joule for 28% off

OXO Coffee Grinder: 20% Off

In our review of the best coffee grinders, we named the OXO conical grinder as the best one for "most people" because it's relatively affordable, features a simple and intuitive interface, and offers the ability to control grind sizes.

Get your OXO coffee grinder for 20% off

OXO Pop Containers: 30% Off

Both attractive and functional, OXO Pop Containers are great for dry goods storage and an organized pantry. There are a whole bunch of sets on sale today, including this three-piece set that's an extra $7.50 off at checkout.

Get 30% off OXO Pop Containers