Black Friday 2019: The Best Deals for Your Kitchen

Black Friday is here! We've scoured deal pages all over the internet and found a select few worthy of your time and money.

Below you'll find good prices on our tried-and-true equipment-review winners, plus items from our favorite food purveyors, and a few other great gifts sprinkled in because it is the holiday season, after all. We'll be updating this post until Black Friday is officially over, so keep coming back for the latest deals.

Happy shopping!

ThermoWorks: 25% Off Thermapen

If you do any type of meat cookery, a well-made digital instant-read thermometer is essential for perfect consistent results. This is why we love the Thermapen. It delivers super-accurate readings, whether you’re roasting turkey or making caramel. You can read about all of its uses here. This is the best ThermoWorks sale of the year, so pick up a Thermapen now. Or maybe a few. They make great gifts, too.

Pick up a Thermapen for 25% off

Rubbermaid Oven Thermometer: 15% Off

Normally, this oven thermometer hovers around $7, but today, it's even cheaper. This super-affordable thermometer will help ensure your oven is set to the temperature you actually need, which is important when you’re cooking over the holidays. Grab one of these, tuck it into your oven, and avoid sad, burnt cookies and undercooked turkey.

Get 15% Off the Rubbermaid Oven Thermometer

All-Clad Immersion Blender: 29% Off

There are so many uses for an immersion blender. It's a portable, powerful, and easy-to-use. The All-Clad was the winner in our review, and we reach for it whenever we need to make a quick mayo or whipped cream. The price generally hovers around $100 (and rarely moves!), but today it’s just $71.32, a great price for something so versatile in the kitchen.

Get the All-Clad immersion blender for 29% off

Instant Pot: 40% Off

The Instant Pot continues to be a perennial golden child on Black Friday, and the six-quart Smart Instant Pot on sale again for a pretty good price. While the models have continued to evolve—there are so many now!—we like to use our Instant Pot for rich and flavorful stock, lots of warming winter stew, and more. Need some inspiration? Head right over here for all of our pressure cooker recipes.

Get 40% Off the Instant Pot

D'Artagnan: 40% Off

If you need to pick up a holiday roast, look to D'Artagnan, one of our go-to meat purveyors. From now through December 1, you can get 40% off all sorts of products—it's the perfect time to stock up for a season of entertaining.

As for what to use your 40% off on? Maybe some charcuterie for when your guests arrive or bacon for a cozy Sunday morning in.

Shop D'Artagnan Black Friday deals

Instant Pot Immersion Circulator: 31% Off

In our review of the best immersion circulators, we found that the Instant Pot model was a perfect starter circulator if you want to get into sous vide cooking. Of the affordable immersion circulators that we tested, the Accu Slim performed the best. It's a bare-bones machine with a simple display interface. There’s no paired app, Bluetooth, or WiFi connectivity, but it does achieve the essential task of an immersion circulator quite well: heating and circulating water at a precise temperature.

Get 31% Off the Instant Pot Immersion Circulator

ChefSteps Joule: 28% Off

Another one of our favorite sous vide devices is on sale today. The ChefSteps Joule, down to $145 from $199, is especially handy if you're living in a small city apartment—it'll fit right in your kitchen drawer.

Get the Joule for 28% off

OXO Coffee Grinder: 20% Off

In our review of the best coffee grinders, we named the OXO conical grinder as the best one for "most people" because it's relatively affordable, features a simple and intuitive interface, and offers the ability to control grind sizes. The price normally hovers around $100 and today it's 20% off with an extra $16 off at checkout—for much better coffee come cold holiday mornings.

Get your OXO coffee grinder for 20% off

Le Creuset: Dutch Oven for $200

A kitchen classic that might even outlive you, the Le Creuset Dutch oven is as functional as it is good-looking. We rarely see our recommended size of Dutch oven (five and a half quarts) on sale, but here's a close one, at five and a quarter quarts, in a newer deep shape for $200. Use it for all sorts of holiday cooking or pick one up as a splurge gift that any recipient will love (and use forever).

Get your Dutch oven for $200