Your Friday Moment of Zen

Side by side collage of illustrations of sea urchins and an oyster

[Illustrations: Biodiversity Heritage Library (Sea Urchins, Oyster)]

You did it! Another week down!

In case you missed the last one or the one before that, we're putting up a post very much like this one every Friday afternoon, to celebrate the fact that the week is done. Down with work! Up with not-work!

We see it as an opportunity to go over some of what's new on the site, which you, dear readers, may have missed. But, more important, we also think of this series as something of a send-off for the weekend, giving you the option of a brief interlude during your Friday afternoon.

Our hope is to provide a short mix of mostly silly, mostly food-related, mostly entertaining things to look at, listen to, and read, and we hope you'll find it amusing and, maybe, sometimes, edifying and enlightening.

If you have feedback, or if you run across any interesting/oddball/totally crazy stories/podcasts/images/videos during the week that you think may be appropriate for this little collection of miscellany, email us! We won't necessarily use it, but we will 100% appreciate the effort.

What's New on Serious Eats

You can, of course, browse all our content in reverse-chronological order. But here are some highlights:

  • Daniel got some pointers from Chef Daisuke Nakazawa, the highly regarded sushi chef who also happened to be featured in an obscure documentary a few years ago, on how to make tamagoyaki, the rolled omelette commonly found in bento boxes.
  • Seoyoung Jung offered up the latest in her series of traditional Korean recipes. For a late-summer treat, give her oi naengguk, or iced cucumber soup, a try.
  • Speaking of icy treats, after weeks of fleshing out the many ways to use her pistachio paste, Stella threw us a curveball with her pistachio ice cream recipe, which calls for not using the pistachio paste and working with the nuts themselves (which, after you're done with them, can also be made into pistachio paste!).
  • Sasha, on the other hand, ever the straight shooter, focused on wrapping up his summer-long project of getting you all to embrace Korean barbecue with a guide to the KBBQ table.
  • Sho made us eat 18 different vegetable-based veggie burgers, and we're still not over it.
  • Finally, Niki managed to write an entire article about corn strippers without making an inappropriate joke.

Our Favorite Comments of the Week

From "Take It All Off: Are Corn Strippers Worth It?", a comment match made in the butter aisle:

Lawzy me! Leave it on the cob, folks, and chew away. It's the best way to get a butter facial and no money needs to be spent on doodads.

"Butter facial" may be my new least favorite phrase.

From a commenter (who we are frankly quite worried about) on Facebook, in response to our most recent perfectly reasonable examination of critical food issues:

You guys are idiots. Nothing useful, informative, or interesting in the world of food?

A Brief Book Break

Slime is making somewhat of a positive impression thanks to the millennial YouTube phenomenon of glittery goo. This "fun" slime is made of Elmer's Glue, borax, and water, but perhaps okra's slimy reputation can ride the wave of slime rebranded.

Extracting the slime from the pods is easy. Just follow this process:

Step 1. Gather overgrown pods that aren't good for eating anymore. You can use roots and leaves, too.

Step 2. Use a rolling pin to crush the pods. If you're using roots and leaves, chop them up.

Step 3. Place the crushed and chopped material in a bowl and cover with water. Let this sit for between 1 and 8 hours.

Step 4. Pour the liquid and vegetable matter through a colander or cheesecloth. The liquid component will flow quite slowly, so allow time for it to drain out. If you're using cheesecloth, gather it around the vegetable matter and squeeze for maximum extraction.

Step 5. Use immediately or store in a jar in the fridge for about a week.

From The Whole Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration by Chris Smith.

Food Numbers, News, and Hijinks

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!