Our Favorite Gifts for Father’s Day

Ingredients for pasta con la colatura.

[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

I think I speak for all children when I say that dads can be really tricky to shop and cook for. They like what they like, and introducing new foods, new gadgets, new anything, can be risky. Luckily for you, we're here to help, with recipe ideas and gift suggestions galore. Here's a look at some of the gifts we're considering this year. Grab them while they're still fresh on your mind—the only thing worse than a bad Father's Day gift is a late one.

Spaghetti con la Colatura Gift Box

Sasha recently wrote an introduction to colatura di alici, the fish sauce of Italy, and since then he's been making all sorts of recipes laced with it. But my favorite so far has been his spaghetti con la colatura, a simple twist on pasta aglio e olio that adds colatura to the usual olive oil, garlic, and red pepper combination.

You could certainly pick up a bottle of colatura alone for your culinarily minded dad. But to make it easier for him to put this new ingredient to work, why not buy him a spaghetti colatura gift box from one of our favorite Italian-goods purveyors, Gustiamo? It comes with everything he'll need to make the dish at home. Inside, you'll find a bottle of the aged fish sauce, rich extra-virgin olive oil, and spaghetti faella, a type of pasta that's rough and porous, so it's perfect for soaking up all of that sauce.

Grill Grates

If your dad is an avid outdoor cook, churning out grilled burgers and corn on the cob every weekend during the summer months, pick him up a set of GrillGrates to amplify the heat on his current grill setup. These portable aluminum grates fit right over existing grates, their holes allowing just enough hot air and smoke to rise up from below while also trapping the heat underneath, so your dad can expect fantastic sear marks on his next steak. (This particular set is for a rectangular grilling surface, but the brand offers grates to fit most any grill, included rounded versions for charcoal kettle styles.)

Sophisticated Glasses

For a dad who enjoys imbibing in style, these elegant and versatile wineglasses are bound to please. They're "universal" glasses, which means they're good for reds, whites, or sparkling wines. That, combined with their stemless design and the ever-important "dishwasher-safe" label, makes them just as practical as they are attractive.

A Baking Steel

If you want to keep your dad happily turning out great Neapolitan-style pizza all year long, not just in the warm-weather months, he absolutely needs a Baking Steel—even if he already owns a pizza stone. Since the Baking Steel is made of metal, it conducts heat much faster (and retains it better) than stone, yielding a crisp, charred crust and perfectly melty cheese.

A Waffle Maker

A carryover from last year's Father's Day recommendations, this Belgian-waffle maker from All-Clad continues to be one of our favorite gifts to give. Maybe because its sleek design means it looks nice on the countertop when it's not in use; maybe because it produces crisp and airy waffles; maybe because we subconsciously want someone to make us waffles. Pair it with a bottle of good-quality maple syrup as a present for Dad, and you may just find that your visits home are getting a lot sweeter.

A Meat Cleaver

What is it about a big meat cleaver that gets everyone so excited? I've seen many of my coworkers, both men and women, stop their work and marvel at our cleaver like it's a precious newborn baby. Must be the feeling of raw power that wielding such a knife tends to bestow.

Whatever the reason, you can give your dad that same sense of wonder by picking up this meat cleaver just for him. Its balanced weight, sharp edge, and solid construction will allow him to handle all sorts of heavy-duty butchery tasks with ease, and he'll look (and feel) like a badass while using it.

Spanish-Snacks Gift Box

Speaking from experience, I can say with 100% certainty that there's nothing worse than a hangry dad. My dad is the sweetest man on earth, but if his blood sugar gets low, it's a real Jekyll-and-Hyde scenario. That's why I'm getting him this fancy Spanish-snack box this Father's Day. It's filled with a variety of treats and nibbles he loves, including fig cake, Marcona almonds, tapas crackers made with extra-virgin olive oil, and two types of chorizo. Hopefully this will help us avoid future hangry moments; if it doesn't, I'm taking that chorizo back for myself.

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