Get 40% Off D'Artagnan Meats, Today Only

Roasted porcelet (pork shoulder) on a wooden cutting board

[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

It's been quite a while since D'Artagnan, one of our favorite purveyors of specialty meats and other products, blessed us with a 40%-off flash sale. Some of us were starting to feel a little stressed as we cooked up our final venison loins from the last one. Luckily, today until 9 p.m. Eastern time, meat lovers can again fill up their freezers, all at 40% off.

So what can you find on sale today? We're planning to pick up some duck breasts, chicken apple sausages, beef tenderloin, and tasty charcuterie. Will we use our new goods to satiate hungry guests over Memorial Day? Perhaps. Will we enjoy them on the couch while watching Game of Thrones? Definitely.

Once you've stocked up, be sure to check out our recipes for inspiration.

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