Buy a #TrianglesTasteBetter T-Shirt, Help an Awesome Cause


[Photograph courtesy of Cotton Bureau]

Last year, I made a throwaway joke in my article about BLT sandwiches, explaining that "triangles taste better," and that joke evolved into a wonderful T-shirt that we sold to raise money for La Cocina SF. It's a fantastic San Francisco–based nonprofit devoted to helping low-income food entrepreneurs—mainly women of color and women from immigrant communities—develop their dreams into real businesses, empowering them not only to improve their own lives through hard work, but to improve the community as a whole. As the son and husband of immigrants, and a strong advocate for women's rights in an industry that has historically been challenging for women to progress in, I consider this issue a very important one.

If you live in or have visited San Francisco, you've most likely come across one of the many successful businesses that found their start in La Cocina. Check out its mission page for more information about what this organization does. It's inspiring stuff.

This year, we're upping the ante and selling not one but two different T-shirt designs, both made by our friends at Cotton Bureau and designed by Mikey Burton, an incredibly talented illustrator who donated his time and worked through countless ideas, iterations, and revisions before finally landing on our final creations. There's Triangles Taste Better for the traditionalists and Food Nerd for the hardcore Serious Eaters. I suggest getting both in different colors and layering them. For fashion.

One hundred percent of my cut from these shirts is being donated, so get one for yourself, get them for your friends and family for the holidays, and share this sale with your whole triangle circle. The more shirts we sell, the better you'll look, and the more money we'll raise for this great cause.

You have until Monday, December 4, to place your orders before the shirts disappear forever (or, at least, until the next charity sale). You can get your Triangles Taste Better and Food Nerd T-shirts here, and, when you do, be sure to post photos on Twitter and Instagram, with the hashtag #TrianglesTasteBetter or #FoodNerd, to show your support (and your shirt!).

Thanks, and happy holidays!