Special Sauce: Missy Robbins on Not Worrying About Stars


[Photographs: Evan Sung]

I hope I can speak for many Serious Eaters when I say how enthralled I was by the many things Missy Robbins had to say about food and life on last week's episode of Special Sauce. Here's the second part of my interview with the indomitable Robbins, which I hope you'll find equally interesting.

This is the comeback episode, because we learn what happened when Missy returned from her self-imposed hiatus from cooking in restaurants. In 2014, she opened Lilia, the much-lauded Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, which is her first effort as a chef-restaurateur. Missy claims to have wanted no part of striving for Michelin or New York Times stars; she just wanted to cook great food. She says she tells her staff, "Let's welcome people into our home and make them feel great when they leave here, and let's make them crave the food." A worthy goal, don't you think?

In this episode, Missy also shares a couple of her secrets for making great fresh pasta, why she wants to break bread with Bono, and a few of her guilty pleasures, which include drinking a Dr. Pepper over crushed ice.

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