Special Sauce: Mouth.com's Craig Kanarick on Life After the Tech Bubble


[Photograph: Nancy Cohen. Ice cream photograph: Vicky Wasik]

Many serious eaters know the pleasures associated with ordering something delicious from the online food retailer Mouth.com. But not many people know the fascinating backstory of Mouth's cofounder Craig Kanarick. That's where this week's episode of Special Sauce comes in.

In 1995, after graduating with a master's degree from MIT's Media Lab and couch-surfing for a year in NYC, Craig teamed up with a buddy to found one of the first combination digital agency/consulting firms, Razorfish. In just five years, Razorfish—which was hired by companies like Samsung, IBM, and Charles Schwab to figure out how to integrate this new thing known as the internet into their businesses—went from a tiny operation, staffed by Craig and his partner working out of their apartments, to an organization of 2,300 employees in nine countries. The company went public, and Craig was seen as a visionary entrepreneur.

Then, in 2001, the dot-com bubble collapsed, and just like that, Craig's time at Razorfish was done. But Craig wasn't. Itching to spend his effort on something tangible instead of working in front of a computer, he eventually took a stage at Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo, an experience that turned out to be hugely influential. One thread running through Craig's story is his willingness to start his own ventures after being rejected by others—and that's partly how he wound up with Mouth.

How Craig went from telling Fortune 500 companies what to do at Razorfish to finding the next great jam-maker at Mouth is a terrific story of risk and reinvention, and you can hear every detail on this episode of Special Sauce.

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