Gift Ideas for Drink Lovers of All Kinds


[Photographs: Vicky Wasik]

No matter who you're shopping for, they like to drink something. Whether it's tea, coffee, or some rich hot cocoa, we have gift ideas; ditto for those who like their drinks carbonated, or who will enjoy an extra-special bottle of hooch.



A nice mug is a perfect all-purpose gift: Everyone uses one at some point or another, especially when it's this perfect. These Mazama Wares mugs from Portland, Oregon, hold a generous 12 ounces of whatever the lucky recipient desires. If you spring for a set, you'll find that the mugs stack easily due to their tapered bases, and their minimalist design means they'll look good in any home.


Looking for a more specific piece of drink-serving equipment? A set of martini glasses, say? These aren't your standard martini glasses, though: Although the iconic wide mouth remains, the stem has been fattened up and the cone slightly softened, so they can easily be used as both cocktail glasses and elegant dessert dishes for parfaits, ice cream, and more.


These classic julep cups are perfect for Derby enthusiasts—and those who get excited about the Derby only because they get to quaff the race's iconic bourbon cocktail on a sweltering evening. If you're getting them the set, you may as well spring for a Lewis bag as an accompaniment, so they can smash ice cubes into an appropriately fine powder for those juleps.



Nice glasses deserve nice booze, and we have several recommendations for high-class spirits. First up, Nikka's Taketsuru Pure Malt: It's named after the company's founder, Masataka Taketsuru, a chemist who studied in Scotland and returned to Japan to establish the country's first whisky distillery. This whisky, with its fruity character and a lingering taste of sherry on the finish, will please anyone who values good Scotch.

For the Scotch-averse, Redbreast's complex and substantial 15-Year Irish Whiskey is a guaranteed pleaser. Or, for something a little different, consider High West's Barrel-Aged Manhattan, a 2:1 rye-vermouth premixed Manhattan blend that's been aged in old rye barrels. All it needs is a quick stir with ice and an orange-twist garnish, and it's ready to serve.

For Tea and Coffee Drinkers


This Bonavita electric temp-set kettle is the perfect gift for that person in your life who is serious about their tea or coffee. The temperature of the water can be set and held, and the long gooseneck spout gives you precision control over the stream of hot water. That makes it ideal for Chemex and other pourover coffee-making methods, as well as for ensuring that tea leaves are evenly moistened and heated.

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