Use Your Waffle Iron to Make Decadent Almond Sandwich Cookies


Waffled almond cookies can be filled with chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, or lemon curd. [Photograph: Daniel Shumski]

I'll admit something: these were going to be macarons. But it turns out there's a problem with macarons. Yes, it's true that they're a little precious, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a bigger problem. Macarons won't waffle.

I tried. I really did. But the combination of whipped egg whites and almond meal that makes for an ethereally light macaron becomes an unholy mess when cooked in the waffle iron.

I was committed to sticking with the general idea, so I came up with this recipe, which keeps the almond flavor in a more traditional cookie (read: waffle iron-friendly) direction. The result is a buttery, lightly sweet almond cookie that is perfect for making into little cookie sandwiches. Try filling them with chocolate ganache, jam, dulce de leche, or lemon curd.

Needless to say, the shape of your waffle iron will determine the appearance of the cookies. My tests suggest that these work best in standard-type waffle irons as opposed to Belgian-style irons. The deep divots of my Belgian waffle iron caused the outside of the cookie to burn while the inside was still a bit too undercooked and fragile to remove intact.

This meant that while I waffled, I collected broken and crumbled cookies in a container on the counter.

That collection lasted about a day; a crumbled cookie is still a cookie after all.