Gift Guide Spotlight: Gifts for the Meat-Lover


I know plenty of people out there who like meat. I even have a couple of vegetarian friends who will admit to a certain fondness. But simply liking meat is called eating. Loving meat comes with a whole other set of terminology—savoring, devouring, relishing, gorging. It's a vivid, enriching experience to love meat, and those of us who do so covet the tools that facilitate its perfection.

That's why we've built a collection of prime meat products and everything you'll need to make them shine. Some highlights from our guide:


A classic cast iron skillet: This a great tool in any home cook's arsenal, but it's crucial for those of us who strive for meat that's perfectly seared, roasted, baked, braised, stewed, or even deep-fried. They're also not nearly as hard to care for as some would have you believe. Finding, and even restoring, a beautiful vintage pan would make a heartfelt gift for any meat-lover. But this pre-seasoned Lodge cast iron skillet is a very close second.


Crazy good dry-aged steak: The price tag on these rib steaks may take you by surprise...until you take a bite. Most dry-aged steaks aren't aged long enough to acquire the funky, mineral flavor of these 50-day dry-aged Pat La Frieda cuts. Cooked to a rosy medium rare, they're the kind of once-in-a-lifetime meal you'll want to repeat over, and over, and over again.


The best sous-vide circulator: Not only did this circulator rank as our favorite, but it also happens to be the most affordable option we've tested. The Anova Sous-Vide Precision cooker is your portable, easy-to-store key to unlocking the best, juiciest, most evenly cooked meat you'll ever lay eyes on. How do you think we got that dry-aged steak to look so damn perfect?

20141118-gift-guide-7-jamon-iberico (1).jpg

The best ham on the planet: If you thought you knew ham, think again. Cinco Jotas Jamon Iberico is the cream of the Spanish crop (it even tastes a little creamy), and it will shock the palates of prosciutto fiends testing new waters. The thin-sliced cured shoulder meat comes from pure-bred Iberico pigs fatted on acorns. This is the nutty, fatty, salty, sweet, incredibly tender ham that will win you all the gift-giving points.


High-quality, sexy looking steak knives: So you've got your sous-vide-cooked, cast iron skillet-seared, 50-day dry-aged steak. And...a butter knife? No, I didn't think so. That's where these Stainless steel Laguiole knives come in. With micro-serrated edges and a nice, weighty heft, they mean serious business and effortless slicing. They'll last a lifetime and look mighty fine doing it.

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