Use Your Waffle Iron to Make Extra-Crispy Churros Without a Deep Fryer

Editor's Note: Please welcome Daniel Shumski, author of the Will It Waffle? blog (one of our favorites), and also the new Will It Waffle? cookbook. In the coming weeks, Daniel will be sharing some of his favorite waffle-iron recipes.


With the help of a waffle iron, churros are much easier to make at home. [Photograph: Daniel Shumski]

Churros—those deep-fried, sugar-coated sticks of dough—are made from what is essentially pâte à choux, the same stuff used to make éclairs. Here, that batter is waffled, with the nooks and crannies of the waffled churros providing space for the chocolate sauce to pool.

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I love deep-fried foods, but do I always want to deep-fry? No. It takes time, uses more oil than I often have on hand, and requires more attention than I can sometimes spare. The substitution of waffling for deep-frying cooks the churros just as quickly without the hassle of heating up a cauldron of oil on the stovetop.

It's important not to overstuff the waffle iron with the batter when making these. Putting the batter all in at once produces results a little like that "I Love Lucy" episode where the bread is pushing out of the oven. Actually a lot like it, only with a waffle iron.

Err on the side of using less batter at first before you see how much it spreads out and rises. You may even want to make a test churro.


One bonus of making these: Any leftover cinnamon sugar can be saved and added to coffee or hot chocolate. That goes for the chocolate sauce, too.