Eat This Now: We Try All 5 Flavors of The Better Chip


[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

If you're a snackhead like I am, you probably don't need another sweet or salty temptation in your life, but you should still probably allow me to introduce you to The Better Chip.

The name and packaging positions the chips as a better-than-average snack. In terms of ingredients and processing, they're non-GMO, certified gluten-free, vegan, and made in a nut-free facility (in Mexico). Ingredients include corn masa flour, vegetables, sunflower and/or canola oil, and sea salt. And so on.


But far more importantly, they taste awesome. All five varieties are bold and gutsy, with just the right amount of salt, and, in two cases, legitimate heat. The chips contain 40 percent fresh vegetables by volume, so they pack big flavor and might actually be good for you. Maybe. They're a bit too small and flat to scoop up salsa, but that's okay because they're so damn tasty on their own, you probably shouldn't alter them in any way at all.

So, which flavor should you seek out in the deli section of your grocery store? Scroll through for an overview of each variety and judge for yourself.



Dismissing these chips as boring or blah would be a mistake. Mixed in with the masa, there are whole kernels of yellow corn, which gives the chips a sweet flavor that contrasts nicely with the sprinkle of sea salt. Of all five chip flavors, these ones are unsurprisingly the most neutral, but still plenty delicious enough to stand on their own.



These crimson-hued chips have a subdued earthy flavor and a touch of sweetness without the sometimes questionable texture of the root vegetable, which makes them likely to appeal to beet foes and fiends alike. For extra credit, they'd be great with a tangy, cheesy dip like goat cheese and Greek yogurt or crème fraîche, but munching them au naturel is also a fine idea.

Spinach and Kale


Kale would easily pummel spinach in a fist fight and that's exactly what happened with these chips. Yes, you get the vegetal flavor of the spinach, but it's knocked out by the bitter kale. The flavor is much more measured than oven-roasted kale chips, but if you're iffy on the cruciferous vegetable, these chips won't change your mind.



Made with whole chipotle peppers (ripe jalapeños smoked over wood chips), these chipotle chips are so spicy that I couldn't eat more than three in a row without gulping a glass of water. The first chip warmed my throat. The second fired up my forehead. The third made my nose run. Your experience may vary depending on your heat tolerance, but even so: be warned and be ready, because these chips hold nothing back. That's a bonus if you have willpower issues (since you'll likely stop at the suggested serving size of 10 chips, if not well before), but it's a detriment if you want a more substantial portion because it might not be physically possible (without pain).



According to the package, spice levels of the jalapeño chips vary slightly from bag to bag. If the two bags I sampled are any indication, you can expect them to be somewhere around half as hot as the chipotle flavor, which is great if you want to eat more than a tiny handful in one sitting. The flecks of jalapeño give the chips a spicy, tangy flavor that makes them taste like they've been pre-dunked in salsa (likely because they also contain onion). Of all five varieties, the flavor profile of the jalapeño chips is the most complete, though I couldn't help but think they'd be even more awesome with a side of queso.