Beer Cocktails: The Hopping Berry


An easy beer cocktail featuring summer berries. [Photo: Vicky Wasik]

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Living in Miami Beach, bartender Justin Maas is intimate with heat and humidity. Working in a place named The Forge...It's no wonder he knows how to cool a customer down.

The Hopping Berry is a drink made for the summer months. It started, Maas says, with blueberries and strawberries, a shimmer of fresh lemon juice, "then crisp and refreshing beer to add a bit more texture, a little bit more rich profile to the cocktail."


The base spirit is the juniper-shy Nolet's Gin, which adds floral and herbaceous aromatics to the drink. The gin's peach and berry notes boost the fruit. Crisp Duvel Belgian Golden Ale brightens things up, adding a peppery flavor and the Belgian brew's innate dry finish to the glass.

On a sticky, sweaty day, it's a pleasure to have a mixologist's cocktail that's easy to make. A muddle, a shake, and a pour—from decision to drink, it's a matter of minutes. A grand escape might not be in your weekend plans. A rainstorm might not come along to bust the heat and humidity. With a Hopping Berry in a chilled glass, you won't care.