From the Blender: Tropical Paradise Green Smoothie


Just as there are all sorts of reasons for eating—nourishment, pleasure, socialization, general awesomeness, to name a few—there are many reasons to drink a green smoothie. Sometimes those reasons are subtle or difficult to articulate.

Sometimes not. This smoothie, right now, let's say.

I'm smack in the middle of an overseas move. Happy circumstances, heading home after a three-year adventure. But still, not the most relaxing of times. My internal food preference compass is spinning wildly this week, all serenity and willpower already spent on other endeavors. Making dinner last night, I thought, why aren't there more recipes for macaroni with seventeen cheeses with leftover paprika-flavored potato chips from Switzerland crumbled on top?

This morning, had I not just donated my blender, I'd be all about this calm-inducing and natural energy-boosting tropical paradise green smoothie. It's seen me through several chaotic mornings in the past few weeks.

I maintain that green smoothies should be fun, friendly, and easy to like. This combination of frozen banana, fresh peach, coconut water (or pineapple juice), and mild but plentiful baby spinach is jazzed up with lime and cilantro. It's creamy from the banana and just the right thickness to sip through a straw. In other words, perfectly pleasurable to drink.

Hey, we can't all be in Bali all the time, but there's no reason we can't import a little paradise into real life on a regular basis. I'll take mine from the blender, please.