Make This Now: Smoky and Spicy Yogurt-Marinated Chicken Kebabs


Fire up your grill and get ready for some serious smoke.


A combo of smoked and hot paprika in a yogurt-based marinade gives these moist chicken kebabs a strong smoky and spicy character. [Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

All month, we're taking you with us on an epic journey through the world of kebabs. Simple, delicious, and extraordinarily versatile, good skewered meat is the perfect excuse to head out to the grill on a summer's afternoon with a nice, cool beer (or three). You're totally being productive, we promise. Start off with our guide to great grilled kebabs. Grill; eat; repeat. Not bad, huh?

Today's recipe is all about spice. As I went to put together a traditional tandoori marinade for these chicken kebabs, I paused for a minute and decided to take things in a new direction. I kept the yogurt base, which keeps the meat juicy, as well as the lemon, ginger, garlic, and cumin. But then, instead of mixing in an Indian spice blend, I tried an equal combo of smoked paprika, hot paprika, and cayenne.

The resulting kebabs were equally, if not more, delicious than the tandoori chicken I'd originally set out to make. The two paprikas gave a strong smoky and spicy boost to the moist, tender chicken. It just goes to show how even a small change can create something totally and wonderfully new.