From the Archives: The Best Basic Guacamole

The Best Basic Guacamole

The Best Basic Guacamole [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

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My mom would kill me if I said that anyone's guac was better than hers. It was a summertime staple at barbecues, parties, and even just lazy afternoons around the house. At first glance, her recipe looks a lot like Kenji's, actually. Pulverized aromatics, unevenly mashed avocados for textural contrast, and an overall emphasis on simplicity are the cornerstones of both recipes.

But, while it hurts to say it, Kenji's method might be better. By using salt to draw even more flavor out of the aromatics, this recipe achieves a deep, even flavor. And by opting for a whisk instead of the more traditional molcajete, the avocados are a perfect combination of smooth and chunky. Sigh. A valiant effort, mother. You had a good run.

So let's make a deal, serious eaters. This recipe will be our little secret, okay? It is good, very good. It's better than my mom's. But let's keep that between us, internet. I don't want this getting back to her.