Bake the Book: White Chocolate & Pistachio Sponge Blondies

[Photograph: Myles New]


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White chocolate and strawberries are lovely together, especially when they're suspended in a sponge cake. There are also raw pistachios in this recipe from A Lighter Way To Bake, giving something special to every square.

Tips: Raw pistachios are specifically called for in this recipe; they're different from the roasted nuts often packaged for snacking. Lorraine recommends sourcing them from the special ingredients or baking section of your supermarket. Whole Foods does have them, but they're often out of stock. If you can't find them, try a different nut to get that crunch.

Tweaks: We found that green pepitas (a.k.a raw pumpkin seeds), when chopped, were a similar and suitable substitute for raw pistachios in these blondies. Pecans or walnuts would have been a bit heavy, especially with white chocolate, and that raw, "green" flavor went very well with strawberry.

Speaking of, hulling strawberries is a snap if you use a paring knife. Cut a circle around the green stem, turning the berry (not the knife!) as you go. The idea is to point towards the center of the fruit, creating a little cone around the stem that pops out once you've spun the strawberry around. Once that's gone, chopping the berries into cubes is a snap.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of A Lighter Way To Bake to give away.