One-Pot Wonders: Chicken-Sausage Frittata With Corn and Feta


This frittata is studded with chicken sausage, corn, and feta, then topped with creamy diced avocado. [Photographs: Yasmin Fahr]

Frittatas are the perfect vehicle for clearing out extra ingredients in the fridge while feeding a hungry group of people quickly and easily. At a bachelorette weekend I was at not too long ago, a friend of mine took our leftovers of chicken sausage, grilled corn, grilled asparagus, and parmesan, tossed them all together in a pan, added beaten eggs and threw it in the oven. Did I mention she had seven hungry and slightly hungover girls waiting at the table? Genius.

Inspired by her resourceful frittata, I recently decided to make my own version, using chicken sausage, corn, and feta cheese. While there are many methods for making a frittata, I turned to our easy method, which uses a scrambled-egg technique to create light and fluffy eggs, while taking advantage of both the stove-top burner and the oven's broiler to cut down on cooking time.

I first beat the feta with the eggs and a generous pinch of salt, then set it aside while I soften and brown the peppers, sweet kernels of corn, onions, and pre-cooked pieces of chicken sausage. I then pour the eggs over the mixture and gently stir, so that the fillings are evenly distributed throughout. With a quick blast under the broiler, the frittata is cooked. To finish it off (and make it slightly more of an indulgence) I like to top the dish with creamy diced avocado, and serve a simple green salad on the side to round out my meal.